How Sexy Comments Can Make Your Partner More Confident In Bed

You will find that more often than not sexy comments can make your partner more confident in bed. Think of them as a way to boost their ego and give them confidence. Whenever you make sexy comments towards your partner it is going to have a really great and strong reaction on them. That is, as long as you do it right.

Ego Boost

It can be a real ego boost whenever you make a sexy comment to your partner. This is because they will know that you find them sexy and want them. This is something that can make anybody feel good. People just want to feel wanted and sexy, the best way to do that is to say things to them that you would only say to people that you want to have sex with.

Sexy Confidence

Whenever a person is turned on they tend to feel and act more confident. This means that whenever you talk sexy to your partner they will often end up getting turned on and therefore feeling a lot sexier and therefore confident.

Self Esteem

If you are able to make the right comments to your partner you will end up really being able to turn them on and make them feel good about themselves. The more confident a person is, the more they will want to have sex. A person that does not feel good will be a lot less likely to want to have sex with anybody, even a person that they are comfortable with.

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