Dropping Subtle Comments To Someone You Find Attractive

It can be a lot of fun to drop subtle comments to someone that you find attractive. You will find that people that have crushes on people will often clam up and not know what to say or how to act. However, if you are able to come out of your shell and be able to relax a little there are a few subtle things that you will be able to do that will allow you to allow the person that you like to know how you feel about them.


Flirting is something that can be done very subtly. You will find that whenever you flirt with a person you can really let them know how you feel about them. Little things like allowing your hand to linger on their arm or shoulder for a few seconds longer and holding eye contact with them. Smile and laugh at the right times and they will soon get the hint.


You will find that when you compliment people on their looks or their personality that this is a great way for you to subtly let them know how you feel. Try not to be too obvious or try to hard with the compliments. Sneaking them into conversation occasionally is a great way to let a person know that you think that they are attractive. Don’t look for ways that you can compliment them, just let them happen naturally.

Body Language

It is all about body language. Lean into them when they talk. Give them your full attention. You will find that little things like this will prevent you from having to say a word.

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